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Flutter By (brown): http://wrapunzel.com/product/flutter-by/
Dewdrop Sparkle (grey): http://wrapunzel.com/product/dewdrop-…
2 in 1 (purple): http://wrapunzel.com/product/2-in-1s/
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Wrapunzel ~ Inspire Happiness

We believe that every woman is infinitely beautiful, and that this beauty can be expressed through the art of head scarves. Created in 2013 by Andrea Grinberg as a resource for married Jewish women, Wrapunzel has since grown into an international revolution with contributors worldwide, connecting women from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and generations. We want you to feel beautiful whether you wrap for spiritual, health related, or for fashion reasons. Our goal is to help women discover their internal depth, happiness, and inspire others around them do the same. Join the Wrapunzelution!

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About the author
Rebbetzin Keturah is the wife of Rabbi Yehezqel of Congregation Melech Yisrael in Toronto, ON Canada. Congregation Melech Yisrael (CMY) was founded in 1976 and is Canada's oldest Messianic Synagogue. It is located right in the middle of the largest Jewish population in Toronto. Rebbetzin Keturah is a photographer, author, blogger & full-time mom. She loves to craft & knit as well as read a good plot. She also loves a great movie, music and relaxing!!!! Visit us at www.cmy.on.ca today!

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