Icebreaker Games for Women’s Groups

Below are 2 fun games to play with friends or your local women’s group. We have also provided more activities and checklists for you in the 21 Day Bible Study Guide.

The Purse Game

Break the ice with this entertaining introductory purse game. Divide the women into two teams. Give each group the following list of items that women may have in their purses:

Ticket stub

Store receipt

A picture of a child, grandchild, or niece

Pill bottle

Child’s toy

Hair clip

A roll or piece of candy or a candy bar

A comb

A piece of gum

Dental floss

A gift card

You may wish to add other items to the list. Set a timer for three minutes and the team who finds the most items on their scavenger list wins the game. If your group is small, you can simply call out the items and the first woman who pulls the item out of her purse earns a point. The woman who earns the most points by having the most items in her purse wins the game.


Give Yourself a Point

The hostess or leader of the group narrates a story while the ladies keep track of their points. Provide small scraps of paper and a pencil for participants to keep score.

I wonder which of you came from afar. Give yourself 5 if you came by car.

Were you on time? Not one minute late? Punctuality pays, so give yourself 8.

A watch is 6 and each ring is 2, 10 more points if your eyes are blue.

Score yourself 5 if you show any pink. Minus 10 if dishes were left in your sink.

Count all of your buttons – each gives you 1. Except if they’re white, and then you’ll get none.

For each bow that you have, add on 2. Safety pins are taboo – if you have one subtract 2.

If you’ve kissed your man today, add 10, but if you only hugged, even plenty, subtract 20.

Add 1 point for each year that you’ve been wed, but take away 5 if you have on red.

Pets are sweet, we all agree, so for each one you own, add 3.

When adding it up, kids count for more, so for each child you have, give yourself 4.

This game is done so total your score. If you brought a friend, then add 20 more!

After you have chosen a story and finished reading it, have the ladies add (or subtract) their points. Give a prize to the woman with the highest score.

Enjoy. -Nishmati

About the author
Rebbetzin Keturah is the wife of Rabbi Yehezqel of Congregation Melech Yisrael in Toronto, ON Canada. Congregation Melech Yisrael (CMY) was founded in 1976 and is Canada's oldest Messianic Synagogue. It is located right in the middle of the largest Jewish population in Toronto. Rebbetzin Keturah is a photographer, author, blogger & full-time mom. She loves to craft & knit as well as read a good plot. She also loves a great movie, music and relaxing!!!! Visit us at today!

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